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Sugarwoods & Wildlife

The season might be over but we’re still seeing lots of action in our sugarwoods. Just this week we got a visit from a moose taking a little dip in Snowshoe Pond. While we love seeing the wildlife it often means our lines need some repairs, after all, a plastic line isn’t going to stop a moose from going where it wants to go! (p.s. check out our Facebook and Instagram for video footage of the moose.)

Late April/Early May we often see some fun stuff while we’re untapping and this season didn’t disappoint. We stumbled across a full nest of partridge eggs next to one of our maples. We’ve had a couple run-ins with partridges in the past, the photo at the bottom is a cute little guy that followed Bryant around whenever he was in the woods. He even fed it blackberries at one point.

Lastly, we saw some lovely pink lady slippers while strolling through our sugarwoods a week or so ago. They have quite a reputation in New England since they can take years to reach maturity and some species are endangered. While the pink lady slipper is more common it is still listed under “special concern” and people are advised not to pick or dig them up. Interestingly it is actually illegal to pick or dig up lady slippers on federal property. Needless to say, we were quite happy that we stumbled upon some!