Vermont’s Rock Maple Syrup & Snowshoe Pond Maple Syrup: Not just a delicious breakfast topping!

Sweet, 100% Organic, Vermont maple syrup has hidden health agenda

Rock Maple Mountain, a family-owned organic Vermont maple syrup company, will be debuting at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show in New York City, booth #6352, with their Rock Maple and Snowshoe Pond maple syrup. Inside each and every stunning Rock Maple glass bottle is a powerhouse of beneficial nutrients that are delivered directly from Mother Nature.

Rock Maple and Snowshoe Pond maple syrup are both packaged in glass bottles, as the company believes this is an environmentally responsible choice that best preserves the natural integrity of the syrup.  Vermont maple syrup is 100% natural, a completely unrefined, organic sweetener with no coloring agents, artificial flavoring, preservatives, or other additives. It delivers more overall nutritional value than many common sweeteners such as sugar and corn syrup, while also having fewer calories.  Antioxidant activity in maple syrup is comparable to foods such as carrots, broccoli, and bananas. A quarter cup (60 ml) of maple syrup also provides 100% of the recommended daily allowance of manganese and adds other vital nutrients to one’s diet such as, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

“For a health-conscious market, maple syrup cannot be beat,” says George Salg, founder of Rock Maple Mountain. He continues by saying, “The rich soil of our certified organic sugarbush lends an unsurpassed flavor and mouthfeel to our syrup which makes it taste fantastic, while providing unparalleled health benefits.”

About Rock Maple Mountain & Snowshoe Pond

100% pure, all-natural maple syrup produced in a large organic maple sugaring operation based in Bakersfield, Vermont. The product is known by two names: Snowshoe Pond (retail brand) and Rock Maple (premium brand). Rock Maple is a unique product perfect for gifts and high-end food stores.

Both products are crafted in an environmentally friendly sugaring operation that combines modern technology with old-world craftsmanship to efficiently extract and produce one of nature’s true gifts. Rock Maple & Snowshoe Pond’s appreciation for what nature provides makes environmental stewardship one of its guiding principles.