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Maple Maintenance

A lot of maintenance goes into making maple syrup. During Tapping Season, we have to continuously monitor the pipes for leaks or damage from animals. (Squirrels in particular seem to love getting at the stuff!)

Washing it Down

During boiling season we continue to monitor the pipes but also have to focus on a rigorous cleaning schedule to keep all of our equipment sanitary and ready for the next batches of syrup to be made. Below are our two George’s keeping things in tip top shape.

Keeping it Clean

Below is a video of our wash tank cleaning the back pan in the sugar house. While we do a lot of the cleaning manually, there are some built-in cleaning systems that make our job a little easier.


It’s not always a glamorous profession but the outcome is more than worth the work!

Stay tuned for more inside looks at the life of a sugarmaker.