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Running in February, Boiling in March

Well, we actually started boiling in February, and we’re still boiling in March!

The sugaring season has begun, and we are busy making our delicious liquid gold. Luckily, we got all 20,000 taps in before Valentine’s Day, because these unexpected warm days we’ve been having means the sap is just a-flowing.

Our holding tanks are filling up quickly, so we are boiling every chance we get. Our sap truck is busy transporting sap from our sugarbush in Jeffersonville to our sugarhouse in Bakersfield. Once the sap arrives at our sugarhouse, it is emptied into another holding tank, then concentrated and boiled down until the temperature, color, and viscosity are exactly the maple syrup we know, love, and are proud to share with you.

It’s supposed to be cold for a few days, which will give the trees a much-needed break. And the sugarmakers, well, it will give us a chance to get things cleaned up and ready for the next run. Maybe we’ll even get caught up on a little sleep! But (like always) we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.