Vermont’s Rock Maple Syrup & Snowshoe Pond Maple Syrup Gets Technical

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  • Post published:December 1, 2023
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100% Organic, Vermont Maple Syrup: Beauty and Brains!

Rock Maple Mountain, a family-owned organic Vermont maple syrup company, will be debuting at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show in New York City, booth #6352, with their Rock Maple and Snowshoe Pond maple syrup products. Maple syrup doesn’t just flow from the tree into the pretty bottle; there is actually a high tech process behind every bottle, and attention to detail at this stage makes all the difference.

Rock Maple and Snowshoe Pond maple is nestled in the northern Green Mountains in picturesque Franklin County, the largest maple syrup producing county in Vermont. The property, a century-old sugarbush containing over 200 acres of old growth maples, was hand-selected by the Salgs over 30 years ago, because of its gently sloping terrain with sandy, moist, non-alkaline soil and healthy trees. They knew that syrup flavor is affected by soil, tree genetics, weather conditions, the time of season when sap is collected, and process techniques.   

“Over the last 30 years I have been responsible for designing and implementing some of the most complex, innovative process engineering systems in the world,” states George Salg, founder and owner of Rock Maple Mountain. “Using my extensive process engineering experience, I have developed an innovative, environmentally friendly sugaring operation which achieves the perfect balance between modern technology and old-world craftsmanship, resulting in  the best quality maple products in the world.”